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What are the best instruments for kids?

We believe that any instrument adults can play, kids can play, too! That being said, one of the best first musical instruments for kids is any instrument found in the percussion family. Percussion instruments help build hand-eye coordination, which makes them the perfect exercise in dexterity for toddlers and young kids. For small kids just starting out, we recommend our 13-inch 3-piece Kids Drum Set!

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What size violin should I get my child?

KK Music Violin sizes are based on arm length:

  • 23" = 4/4
  • 22" = 3/4
  • 20" = 1/2
  • 18 1/2" = 1/4
  • 16 1/2" = 1/8
  • 15" = 1/10
  • 14" = 1/16
  • 13" =  1/32 

What accessories are included with the violin?

Our KK Music Violin Kits include 1 bow, an extra set of violin strings, 2 violin bridges, a quality rosin cake, adjustable shoulder rest with padding and soft rubber feet, a clip-on tuner, and a lightweight hard case with pockets, backpack, and shoulder straps. 

What is the difference between the MV200 Violin and the MV400 Violin?

The MV200 has a maple fingerboard, chin rest, and pegs, while the MV400 has an ebony fingerboard, chin rest, and pegs. It also has better sound quality than the MV200. 

What is the difference between MC300 Violin and the M400 Violin?

Both MV300 and MV400 are suitable for beginners. MV300 is made out of solid maple wood with a satin antique finish. It comes with a maple fingerboard, pegs, and a chin rest with an alloy tailpiece. The MV400 has better wood quality than the MV300, which gives the violin a bright and vibrant tone. MV400 comes with an ebony fingerboard, chin rest and pegs, and an alloy tailpiece.

Where are the violins manufactured?

All of our instruments are made in China and shipped from our warehouse in California. 

Every instrument is play-tested at the Cecilio factory and re-tested at the Los Angeles distribution center to ensure that a high standard of quality is met. This is why thousands of instructors have approved of our violins. The violin kits include a Cecilio chromatic tuner, lesson book, lightweight hard case, 1 Brazilwood bow with unbleached genuine Mongolian horsehair, quality rosin cake, adjustable shoulder rest, extra set of strings, and an extra bridge. 

Each instrument comes with a 1- year warranty against any manufacturer's defects.

Does the violin come strung or do I need to string it myself?

Our Quality Control department double-checks each instrument’s functions and features and sets up the strings and bridge before it ships. Since the bridge is held down by the tension of the strings and not permanently glued on, there is a possibility of dislocation during shipping. If this happens, you will need to set it up yourself or contact us.

Will my the violin come assembled?

Yes. The only "assembling" that may need to be done is to tighten the strings to hold the bridge in place, as they are usually delivered loose to avoid damage during shipping. 

Are your violin’s right-handed?

We carry right-handed beginner student violins. However, it is possible to convert a right-handed violin into a left-handed instrument. If you decide to take this route, we advise bringing your violin to your local instrument store as such a conversion requires reversing the strings, pegs, soundpost, and chinrest. 

Is the back of the violin’s neck oiled?

The back of the neck is not oiled, as it is unfinished. The neck of a violin is supposed to remain unfinished. This allows for rapid transition from one note to another. Varnish tends to turn gummy when one’s hands are sweaty.

Do the violin strings have medium or tight tension?

The Cecilio strings on this violin are medium tension. 

Does the violin have a label inside?

A Mendini label with model and serial number can be located inside of the violin through the F hole.

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Why does my flute have spots on it?

Silver and nickel-plated pieces have a tendency to 'tarnish' due to an oxidation reaction between the nickel surface and the contaminants in the air or skin. This oxidation tarnish is similar to how rust forms on iron-rich metals, except rust actually erode metals. 

On the other hand, tarnish is harmless and can actually protect the nickel underneath from further damage. Playing a tarnished instrument will not affect the quality as it is only a cosmetic and not a mechanical problem. 

We suggest you clean and wipe down the instrument after each and every use to avoid tarnishing. In addition, our instruments come with a 1-year warranty if the item is damaged or faulty.

Is this a full-size flute?

This flute is a standard size with an overall length of 26 inches with a C key, perfect for adults and children alike.

What’s included in the flute kit?

Our flute kit includes one durable case, joint grease, cleaning cloth & rod, and a pair of gloves.

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Does the clarinet have one or two barrels?

Our clarinets come with just one barrel.

Is the rosewood clarinet made of real wood or another material?

No, the rosewood clarinet is made out of a high-grade white ABS plastic body with durable nickel-plated keys. 

What size of replacement reeds should I buy for my clarinet?

The reeds needed for a KK Music Clarinet are a size 2.0, which can be found at your nearest music store.

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What’s the difference between an Alto and Soprano saxophone?

The main difference is the size. In terms of length, the Alto Saxophone is smaller than the Tenor Saxophone, and the pitch of the Alto’s E flat is higher.  Alto Saxes have a sharper and brighter tone to them while Tenors produce a deeper, more mellow sound. The E flat is the Alto Saxophone and the B flat is the Tenor Saxophone. The Alto sax is more popular for beginners.

What is the tip size on the saxophone’s mouthpiece?

The tip size on the mouthpiece is 4C.

What’s included in the saxophone kit? 

The KK Music Saxophone Kit includes a plush-lined nylon covered hard case with a backpack strap and zippered pocket, a neck strap, a mouthpiece with a reed and cap, a box of 10 reeds (size 2.5"), a polishing cloth, a cleaning rod, and a pair of white gloves to keep your instrument spot-free when being played. In addition, each instrument comes with a 1-year warranty against any manufacturer's defects.

How do you wash a saxophone?

Start by cleaning the inside of the saxophone with the cleaning swab that comes included with your purchase. After swabbing, wipe the body of the saxophone with a lint-free cloth. Please keep in mind that the saxophone is not supposed to be submerged in water in order to clean it. This will cause damage to the pads and rust on the saxophone. 

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What’s included in the trumpet kit?

The Mendini by Cecilio trumpet package includes a 7C mouthpiece, a pair of gloves, a cleaning cloth, a bottle of valve oil, and a deluxe plush-lined nylon-covered lightweight hard case. 

What does valve oil do?

Valve oil helps clean and lubricate the trumpet. Without it, your instrument could suffer damage and your sound may not be as clear. 

Is the Trumpet left or right-handed?

This is a right-handed trumpet, as we only carry right-handed trumpets at the moment.

Does the Trumpet come tuned?

No. The trumpet needs to be tuned upon arrival.

Will the Trumpet work for any hand size?

This is a standard-size trumpet, designed to work for any hand size. It is perfect for beginning students and includes a plush-lined nylon-covered hardshell case, a pair of gloves, a soft cleaning cloth, and a bottle of valve oil.

What does a B Flat trumpet mean? Are there trumpets made in other keys?

B flat is the standard key for a trumpet, but there are other trumpets made in other keys. ‘B Flat’ refers to the sound produced, played in the key of C. 

How do you wash a trumpet?

The trumpet must be cleaned with a lint-free cloth. Please avoid submerging the trumpet in water as it can cause rust and damage to it.

Is it possible to change to a 3c mouthpiece on the trumpet?

Yes, you may change the mouthpiece to 3c. Our trumpets come with a standard 7c mouthpiece. 

How big is the trumpet case?

Both the case and instrument are relatively lightweight, and the dimensions of the case are 21" x 6" x 8.5".

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What’s included in the Trombone kit?

Included in the KK Music Trombone kit is a Cecilio 92-D chromatic tuner, a pocketbook, a pro-deluxe durable hard case, a pair of white gloves, and a cleaning cloth.

Does this Trombone use a 12c mouthpiece?

Yes, our Trombones come with a 12C mouthpiece.

Does the Trombone have a small shank horn or a big shank?

This horn on each Trombone has a large shank.

What is the Trombone made of?

This instrument is made from brass and has a gold lacquer finish.

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Drum Kits

How tall is the Snare Drum Set stand?

The Snare Drum Set stand can extend up to 39” tall.

What age are the Drum Sets designed for?

Cecilio 13: Ages 3-6 yo or children up to 3 feet tall. The seat height is 15.5”. For children up to 5 feet tall, or ages 5-11 consider our Cecilio 15-inch drum kit

The Mendini by Cecilio 5-Piece Junior Drum Set with Cymbals is an 'all-in-one' fully functional drum set designed specifically for entry-level drummers. This set has everything you need to get set up and playing in no time. It is a perfect gift for the young drummer who wants the most realistic experience but may be too small for a full-size drum set meant for adults.

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