5 Healthy Reasons Why Kids Should Play Drums 

5 Healthy Reasons Why Kids Should Play Drums 

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Does the idea of a drumset in the home evoke thoughts of terror? Do you dread the possibility of hearing your kid pounding on a drum set every day? Well, if you’re looking for one of the healthiest activities you can provide for your children, you may change your mind. 

Over the last few years, there’s been a lot of scientific research into the benefits of drumming for children, including a ton of controlled group studies that have evaluated the psychological and developmental impacts that music therapy has on kids. Let’s take a look at some of these healthy benefits that can impact your child physically and emotionally. 

1 - Drumming helps kids release stress 

Stress is a real issue for kids these days, and there are fundamental questions on how COVID-19  will carry a detrimental impact to children everywhere. Long-term stress in kids and teens has a direct correlation to life-threatening illnesses down the line. For kids, playing musical instruments like drums can work out some of their stresses and improve critical thinking and emotion regulation. Not to mention, it's a good way to get your kids to juice up their brain with something other than electronics.

2 - Kids get smarter when they play the drums 

Can drumming really make your kid smarter? As a matter of fact, the answer is emphatically yes. Music is one of the most powerful ways to work out your brain. Research shows that for kids and adults alike drumming can be great stimulation across the entire brain since it activates both its left and right sides. How does drumming do this? It pings auditory, visual, and motor cortices while improving concentration, coordination and problem-solving skills. Drumming releases all sorts of good endorphins that are associated with happy feelings, synchronizing both hemispheres of the brain. 

Music therapists even cite transformative results using percussion instruments for reducing anxiety and improving psychological well-being, especially for kids. Plus, learning new things always helps stimulate the brain! 

3 - Drumming is physically intense for kids 

Have you ever played the drums? It requires arm and leg coordination to keep the rhythm and can most certainly help burn off energy. With a lot of kids struggling to stay active these days, drumming can be an excellent way of incorporating physical activity. On average, drum students burn 270.4 calories in just 30 minutes of play and moving to the beat.

It’s pretty impossible to ignore that drumming is an intense, physically exhausting exercise. Drumming, unlike other instruments, is a full-body workout that requires more than just controlling your hands and fingers. When it comes to fitness, there’s absolutely no other instrument that comes close to drumming. 

Girl smiling with a drumset


4 -  Drumming helps kids with boredom 

If there’s something that’s been entirely abundant over COVID-19, it’s that we’re all a little bored and restless with downtime. For kids, that’s been compounded by the complete disruption of almost every school related activity. That means it’s up to the people around them to supplement life with stimulating activities for the brain. Drumming can be a great healthy activity to incorporate to alleviate boredom and promote the idea of “living in the moment.”  

The great thing about any music instrument for kids is that it establishes a daily routine with clear, achievable milestones and progress. Consistency in routines that pay off with practice are an excellent reason to start drumming. 


Boy holding drumsticks over a drumset


5 - It’s easy for kids to get started drumming 

It’s pretty easy to start incorporating drumming appreciation in your life. Start small by taking a little time every day to just listen to good drum music. Sit down with your kids, sing along and tap your foot to good music. Buy a kit that comes with fairly straightforward directions and is easy to set up. There are plenty of good options to get started for your little drummer, including some great sets for kids from Amazon, like the Mendini by Cecilo. When you’re looking for percussion instruments for kids, you can really start out with the basics. 

Here are a few major takeaways for the health benefits to kids drumming: 

  • Drumming activates both the left and right side of the brain 
  • Playing drums helps with emotional wellbeing and critical thinking  
  • Getting kids started with drumming can reduce stress and anxiety
  • Drumming is an intense physical workout that can burn off energy
  • Musical instruments like drums can alleviate boredom
  • Incorporate drum music appreciation into your life.
  • Take a look at affordable drum sets for kids and start with the basics