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Finely Crafted Instruments For Aspiring Musicians

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KK Music Store carries a variety of woodwind, brass, string and percussion instruments, all of which provide solid durability and brilliant sound quality. Our instruments are finely crafted and affordable - great for beginners and students. If you have any questions or need help finding the perfect instrument, our exceptional customer support team is here to help!

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Excellent quality for the price! Fast delivery and great packaging! I cannot believe how beautiful this thing is and the quality of it for the price I paid. I definitely recommend!

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Teejay (Mendini Alto Saxophone)

As a professional musician holding multiple degrees, I'm very pleased with the cello I received. I've been playing music for 18 years, mostly different string instruments, some wind and keyboard, and I got this cello because I wanted to try learning a new instrument but couldn't justify spending thousands on a more expensive one. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone looking to get into learning the cello without spending an arm and a leg to get started. Happy music-making!

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Caitlin S. (Cecilio Cello)

I am a music teacher. I see a lot of interesting violins come in and out of my classroom. I am not originally a violinist but I needed one since for the first year I had students using all of my school instruments. This is a great starting/intermediate instrument. It holds the strings well, has a great tone, has beautiful staining, and is put together nicely.

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Caitlin C

I bought the set of drums for my 6 year old on his birthday he was the happiest kid on earth. He really loves drums and this set of drums are super cute they work very well the quality is very good they aren’t cheap they are a little heavy which is a good thing.

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This is a great beginner to intermediate trumpet. The cost is low but the quality is great.

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Connor E

Taking it out of the box and assembled was amazing. Product quality was great and it comes with everything you need to start playing. The case is fantastic and very durable, the only issue was with the neck strap didn't have cushion and the strap rubs on you neck. Other than that it's a great starter to intermediate instrument.

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